BankAlt Privacy Policy

Last updated: October 10, 2010

Please read the Terms of Use if you haven't already. highly values each visitor's security and privacy. From here on, I, the owner and creator of will be termed "the creator" and will be termed "the site" for simplicity. World of Warcraft may be abbreviated as "WoW". Here are the policies implemented on this site for the benefit of the visitor's privacy and security.

  1. may require personal information such as an email address but unless duly noted, no other information such as a real name, phone number, etc will be asked for. Such information will be required only in the eventuality that the visitor wishes to create a user account with If the visitor doesn't wish to create an account with the site, no personal information will be required and/or collected.
  2. The information collected here will not be sold, rented or otherwise transferred to any 3rd party without the visitor's consent.
  3. does reserve the right to use any information collected from the visitor in order to improve the site's services.
  4. Some of the information collected includes traffic information, including the visitor's IP address. This information does not, in any way, compromise the anonymity of the visitor and it used strictly to optimize the site's performance. However, traffic information is collected by 3rd party websites and is affiliated with these sites only insofar as they help with traffic data collection and analysis. As a result, BankAlt is not responsible by the data collected by these 3rd party sites, nor is it responsible for how that data is used by these sites. Currently, the 3rd party traffic analysis sites used on are and
  5. The site may use cookies for tracking purposes or to ensure the functionality of certain features. Cookies may also be served by 3rd party sites (such as traffic analysis services or ad services). While disabling cookies may potentially increase your security by a marginal amount, certain core site features and functionality may no longer work as a result. Therefore, in order to fully experience this site's features, it is advised that cookies are enabled in your browser.
  6. The user of the site is solely responsible for the security of his/her password and login information.
  7. Although does perform regular backups of its data, it does not guarantee any schedules for these backups and will not be held responsible for any loss of data arising from any type of server or client issue.
  8. This privacy policy is applicable only to the information collected on External sites that are linked to from may have different policies and are not the concern and responsibility of
  9. reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time, without prior notice. Changes to the policy will be posted on this page.