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Database updated with patch 4.2 crafted items - August 19, 2011

I know it's rather late after WoW's patch 4.2 went live but I have finally got around to updating the database with the new crafted items which were introduced with this patch. adds Cooking and vendor prices - June 02, 2011

I have (finally) added Cooking as a profession. It was missing because originally I had something else planned for but several people have requested it and it didn't make sense not to have it.

Others have also suggested that I should show vendor prices for component items which can be bought from NPC vendors. This was a very good idea so I added this feature as well. The way it works is that next to an item which can be bought from a vendor there's a small "vendor" link. Clicking on it will fill in the vendor price of that item. I am always using the non-discounted price which means that reputation and other factors are not taken into account. I'm also not filling in those values automatically when the page is loaded because of conflicts between parent/child components.

Introducing component cost saving and restoring - May 03, 2011

You can now save component costs and restore them at a later time! This is one feature that has been requested by several users and I was contemplating it from the start and now I have finally found a way to implement it.

You can save a component's cost by clicking the save link which shows up after typing a value in the gold/silver/copper boxes next to that component.

Restoring the cost of a saved component is done by clicking the restore link which becomes available whenever an item's cost has previously been saved.

You can also delete a saved cost by clicking the × link. This will not clear the values that have already been typed in.

It is important to note that this feature requires you to have cookies enabled in your browser in order for it to work. The component costs are saved as cookies on your local machine. Clearing the cookies from your browser will also wipe out all saved prices.

Cost calculations are here! - March 06, 2011

The feature you've all been waiting for (but didn't know it) is finally here. is happy to announce the addition of cost calculations for recipe components. This feature has been long in the making and has gone through several iterations before I have deemed it acceptable for release.

Essentially, cost calculations allows you, in addition to viewing the entire sub-component hierarchy for any recipe, to enter gold/silver/copper costs for each component. It automatically calculates the total for the item created from that recipe as you type your numbers.

To get started, head on to any profession or search for a recipe and in the recipe list you will notice two options: Quick Tree and Full Tree w/ Cost. Quick Tree is the former "Expand" button and it shows the component hierarchy. Full Tree w/ Cost represents the new cost calculations feature.

Hopefully this new feature is intuitive enough that you can start using it straight away. If you are having trouble figuring out how to use it, head on to the Help section where I've added a tutorial with screenshots and explanations.

I hope you will enjoy this new feature and stay tuned - I have even more features planned!

Search added- February 12, 2011

Search is finally here. A long-requested feature, it makes finding recipes a lot easier.

You can search for a text fragment of a recipe's name and all matching recipes are displayed grouped by profession. The search feature makes it quicker to find something you need because you won't have to dig into a particular profession before you can located a certain recipe. This is especially useful if you are not sure to which profession a certain recipe belongs.

The recipes in the search results, besides being grouped by profession, are easily sorted by required skill or recipe name. The results can be further filtered dynamically by typing in the filtering box.

The "Expand" feature works as before. Click it to reveal the entire tree of mats required to craft that recipe. I don't think "Expand" is an intuitive name for this feature and my goal is to change it at a future date.

As always, comments, suggestions and bug reports are welcome. Send me your feedback on the Contact page.

Cataclysm recipes added- January 09, 2011

I have added the new recipes for Cataclysm professions: Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, Mining and Tailoring. introduces sorting, filtering, paging and more - October 23, 2010 has just entered the second significant phase of beta testing with the addition of many new features that should make browsing for recipes a lot easier for most folks.

Skill levels

Skill levels (the level at which the recipe can be learned) is something that was requested by many people and now it's in.


I'm not dumping all recipes for a profession on the screen anymore. Instead, there's a paging system which displays a default of 25 recipes on the screen and that makes the whole thing load quicker. You can choose to display up to 100 items on a page if you wish. The data is pulled dynamically from the server on each page draw.


Recipes can now be sorted by skill or recipe name, in ascending or descending order.


One of the most requested features, searching, has been implemented through the filtering box. You can filter/search by skill level or recipe name. This is not the end of search though. I plan to add a real search option at a later date.

Green Items

Green recipes are now... greener. I've darkened the shade of the green I was using so that (hopefully) it is more legible on the white background.

Expand Button

The Expand button, which reveals the full component tree for a recipe, is now more visible. Some people apparently missed this functionality. I do plan on revising this feature, perhaps getting rid of the button entirely. launches! - October 10, 2010

Without much fanfare, launches today, October 10th of 2010. BankAlt offers a new service for fans of the online game World of Warcraft, particularly those who dabble in professions inside the game. Read more about what the BankAlt does and how to use it in the About and Help sections.

I have worked towards launching the site on a Sunday, before the start of another busy week. BankAlt launches in beta and not all features will be available from the beginning. Professions and components for recipes/patterns/schematics are, for practical purposes, finalized. However, a big feature of the site is still missing because it is still being tested. I just wanted to launch the site as it is now, with some basic functionality, rather than waiting an unspecified period of time until it is 100% perfect.

I am planning more features and a lot more refinement so stay tuned!

Due to being still in beta, you might find bugs or errors. Please use the Contact page to let me know if you find anything wrong. Any and all constructive feedback is appreciated.

Thank you for visiting!