BankAlt Help

Last updated: May 21, 2011 (Rapture day :) is a tool to help you calculate the mats needed to craft a certain item in World of Warcraft. Trade professions are the main beneficiaries but a gathering profession is also represented, namely Mining.

In a nutshell, BankAlt works by analyzing the main components required for a recipe, or pattern, or schematic, and then drilling down through each component, finding all the sub-components and tallying them all up. By indenting each sub-level, it is easy to determine the total number of mats or sub-mats that you need, at any level.

First, pick a profession from the main menu or from the home page. You can also search for a recipe or recipe fragment by typing your query in the search box.

After locating your recipe/pattern/schematic, you will notice several things.

  • The icon for the crafted item - hovering your mouse over it will show Wowhead's tooltip for that item. Clicking on the icon will open a new browser window with Wowhead's page for that item.
  • Next to the item icon is the name of the recipe/pattern/schematic required to craft it. Hovering your mouse over the name will show Wowhead's tooltip for the recipe. Clicking on the link will open a new browser window with Wowhead's page for the recipe required to craft the item.
  • To the right of the main item you will see the main list of mats needed to craft it. The are listed in a vertical fashion, with the quantity of each mat next to it.
  • Finally there are three options called Quick Tree, Full Tree w/ Cost and Link to this recipe
  • Quick Tree will expand a tree-like hierarchy of sub-components and the quantities for each.

Example: A Felsteel Bar is created from 3 Fel Iron Bars and 2 Eternium Bars. Let's assume that you can procure cheap ore that you can smelt yourself and would like to know how many pieces of ore you would need in total for this recipe. Clicking the Expand button will show that the 3 Fel Iron Bars require a total of 6 Fel Iron Ore and that the 2 Eternium Bars require a total of 4 Eternium Ore. So in order to craft 1 Felsteel Bar you would need 6 Fel Iron Ore and 4 Eternium Ore.

  • Full Tree w/ Cost allows you to perform cost calculations on base components. This can be very useful for those who make gold by crafting various items because it allows them to determine the final cost of the finished item based on the costs of its components. In what follows, the cost calculation feature is explained in more detail.

  • Link to this recipe is same as Full Tree w/ Cost, except that it opens the recipe in its own URL.

  • Saving of component costs is the latest feature of and it allows you to save a component cost you have typed. If you later visit the same recipe or one which has the same component, you will find a Restore link next to that component. Click it and the saved cost will be restored, once again re-calculating the total cost. You can also choose to delete saved amounts by clicking the little ×. Note that costs are saved to a cookie in your browser. As a result, you will need to enable cookies in order to use this functionality. You will also need to be careful not to clear browser cookies or else all saved costs will be lost.

Cost Calculations Tutorial

Cost calculations was the idea that brought to life but it took me longer than I anticipated to find a solution that works.

I always wanted a way to calculate my costs for a finished item in World of Warcraft. While some items have very few components, others are very complex and it is not trivial to add up all those different costs on paper. An automated way to do this would have been nice and this is where BankAlt's cost calculations comes in.

To start, you will first locate the item you are interested in. Let's assume you'd like to calculate how much it costs to craft an Arcanite Rod.

You can either click on Blacksmithing or search for something like "rod".

There are 2 options in the column titled "Components".

Quick Tree expands a hierarchy of sub-components. Useful when you just need to see what the main item is made up of.

Full Tree w/ Cost opens a window which also shows the sub-component hierarchy, but you now have the option of entering a cost in gold/silver/copper for components.

Our Arcanite Rod is made up of 3 Arcanite Bars and 1 Dense Grinding Stone. Each Arcanite Bar is made up of 1 Thorium Bar and 1 Arcane Crystal. The Dense Grinding Stone is made up of 4 Dense Stones. The Thorium Bars are further made up of 1 Thorium Ore each but for this example I will ignore this.

Scenario 1

Let's say that I am a Blacksmith who wants to turn a profit by selling Arcanite Rods on the Auction House. I also have access to an Alchemist who can transmute Arcanite Bars. I can buy Thorium Bars, Arcane Crystals and Dense Stone from the Auction House and I know how much these base materials cost. Now I can start calculating the total cost for my Arcanite Rod.

I can start by entering the cost of Dense Stone, say, 50 silver each. While typing, the totals are calculated automatically. Since there are 4 Dense Stones required, all 4 will end up costing me a total of 2 gold. This amount of 2 gold is automatically passed on to the Dense Grinding Stone which requires the 4 Dense Stones. Thus, my Dense Grinding Stone will cost 2 gold.

Since I have only entered the cost for one component so far, the grand total for my Arcanite Rod is 2 gold.

Let's move on and start entering the other costs.

Next, I can buy Arcane Crystals for 3 gold, 50 silver each. I enter these, which gives me a total of 10 gold, 50 silver for all 3 Arcane Crystals.

Thorium Bars cost me 1 gold each, for a total of 3 gold for all 3 bars.

I'm done entering costs. The total cost for the Arcanite Rod turns out to be 15 gold, 15 silver. If I can sell it for, say, 20 gold, I've made a profit.

Notice how the 15g 50s amount is made up of 13g 50s (3x Arcanite Bars) plus 2g (1x Dense Grinding Stone).

Scenario 2

This time, let's assume that I only have access to a Blacksmith but I can buy Arcanite Bars and Dense Grinding Stones directly from the Auction House. These are semi-finished goods.

My prices this time are 3 gold, 75 silver, 25 copper for each Arcanite Bar and 1 gold, 25 silver for the Dense Grinding Stone.

I enter these in their respective boxes and I immediately see that the final cost of the Arcanite Rod is 12 gold, 50 silver, 75 copper.

As you can see, this tool is useful for calculating the cost of top-level components, lowest level components or anything in between.