BankAlt FAQ

Last updated: October 10, 2010

What has the name of the site (BankAlt) got to do with its purpose?

Nothing much really. I picked the name because it's a term familiar to World of Warcraft players, it is simple to remember and also short. Not in the least, it was one of the few WoW-sounding domains still available. Oh, and isn't usually your bank alt's job to buy mats for your characters' crafting professions?

Is BankAlt free?

Yes, and there are no plans to change this. The site will be primarily supported by ads and I might introduce a "premium" feature at a later date which gives access to some convenience features.

Is the service provided by BankAlt really that useful?

That is up to each individual. Some may find it useful while others may not. For me it is certainly useful. Whether your math skills are sharp or not, I'm sure most will agree that it's easier to rely on a service which tells you the exact number of base components that a particular recipe requires. If you don't feel that this service is for you, thanks for visiting and please spread the word. Others might find a better use for it.

Some professions/recipes are missing. What gives?

I have decided not to include a few professions such as Skinning and Herbalism. I don't feel there is any practical purpose to list sub-components for the mats that these professions collect simply because there are no sub-components. The exception is skinning with lower quantity skins but usually those are too low level for people to bother with. On the other hand I have included Mining because there are various bars which require several other components to craft. Some, like Titansteel Bars are used by miners to make some extra cash from smelting them for a commission.

At this point I'm also omitting Cooking and I might add it later if there is demand for it.

As for the missing recipes... During testing I have discovered a few recipes which were problematic. Specifically, certain items were prone to creating endless loops due to their nature and I had to remove them in order to keep the site stable. Rest assured, most of these were various transmutes such as Fire to Life, Life to Fire, etc. You can see how these have the potential for creating an infinite cycle. At any rate, the relationship between the "main item" and its "component" is 1:1 so there's no need for a calculator.

What are other exceptions?

I've also decided not to drill down into Primals/Eternals which are created from motes or crystallized thingamajigs. Everyone should know at this point that 10 motes = 1 Primal and so on. Besides, Primals and Eternals don't require a profession to create so they don't really fit anywhere under the current system.

Why not "expand" all mats all the time?

I guess it would be easier for people to see the whole drilled-down list of materials and sub-components when loading one of the profession pages, without the need for clicking the "Expand" button. However, there are 2 main (and very important reason) why this isn't practical. Number 1 is the fact that there are some heavy calculations going on in order to retrieve the component "tree". Making hundreds (or even tens) of requests to the server each time a profession page is loaded is simply not practical. Number 2 is aesthetics. Having all those component trees sprawled out on the page doesn't look good and in some cases, just one recipe may take half the page, requiring the user to scroll and scroll and scroll and... you get it.

Your graphic/web design sucks!

This is not a question. But I get what you are saying. While I agree that the site is not heavy on the eye-candy, I believe that functionally it does what it is supposed to. For one thing, this is a one-man project. My skills are more on the coding side rather than design. For another, I like functional websites to be functional. I don't believe that adding tons of graphics would help the functionality of this application in any way. As a added bonus, the sparsity of graphics should make for a fast-loading site.

I have found a bug/error/problem on the site. What do I do?

Though the site has been tested under a variety of simulated conditions, bugs and errors will inevitably occur from time to time, especially while the site is still young. I would appreciate if you could report the problem, preferably with a description of how to replicate it. To report, please shoot me an email at the address provided on the Contact page.